I was looking for something to watch on YouTube and I came across a game play video called Depth 6. Depth 6 is a game where you enter an abandoned mine and go exploring. But this review is not about Depth 6. This review is about Suite 776. The reason that I bring up Depth 6 is because if you go to Steam both Suite 776 and Depth 6 are sold as a combo for $7.63US. You can buy them both individually for $4.99US, but why.

If you visit my blog site you’ll know that I write a lot of reviews on horror movies. I’m a fan of all things horror related (except probably real life horror) so it might not be surprising that I would also be a fan of horror games.

Suite 776 is a horror game meant to be played through in one sitting. I have done two playthroughs so far and have received two achievements for the two different endings I’ve discovered. There are more than two different endings and as I haven’t found all the secrets and all the items, I’m betting there’s at least 2 if not more endings to this game that I have yet to discover. So sometime in the near future I will play the game again and strive to reach that 100%, even though I am satisfied and thoroughly enjoyed the second time I played through the game to get one of the endings in 67 minutes. The game gives an estimate of 50 minutes to complete the game so the estimate is not far from the mark though of course those more/less astute than myself could probably complete the game in shorter/longer times.

One of things that was immediately appealing about this game was the graphics. Suite 776 is made with the Unity engine and has a really nice look with great textures. Suite 776 is played from a first persons perspective and all of the keys and mouse buttons work as you’d expect. Not sure if a gamepad can be used however I play most first person games with my mouse and keyboard, being a PC gamer. As you progress through the game you’ll need to find keys to open doors, find other items and figure out what to do with them via some really good and fairly intuitive puzzles and maybe one or two puzzles that are a bit more challenging. You’ll need to pay attention to your surroundings, but that’s gonna be true of any first person perspective game.

I already feel I’ve got my money’s worth out of this game just based on the enjoyment and scares I got out of it. So if you are a fan of horror games and looking for something cheap to play, maybe give Suite 776 a try. The other game mentioned above, Depth 6, is also form the same programmer/content house so I am looking forward to playing that game next.

Suite 776 can be found on Steam for $3.99US or you can get in a bundle with Depth 6 ($4.99US Alone) or in a bundle together for under $8US.

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