I discovered Lunopolis relatively recently while perusing various, random top ten found footage lists on YouTube. These lists tend to be similar even among diverse groups of creators, but I specifically seek out these lists as invariably there will be 1, or if I’m lucky, 2 obscure title’s I’ve never heard of or seen. I found Trollhunter and Borderlands (2 excellent examples of good, obscure found footage) using this method so every six months to a year or so I will do my searching again to find the Creep‘s and Savageland‘s that I may have missed or forgotten about.

Lunopolis is one of those movies where it’s difficult for me to ascertain just how I could have missed such a title. A found footage movie which contains all the weird tropes, conspiracies, aliens, moon structures, moon people, etc. are subjects that I had a more than passing interest in 10 to 15 years ago. Many popular conspiracy theories and plot elements referencing UFO’s, aliens, secret societies, secret time travel, government cover ups and more have been tightly woven together in Lunopolis to create a fascinating tale which kept me interested and invested. I found it refreshing to watch this well produced, well-acted, and well-made just all out fun film. There’s a huge bias going on here because I’m a big old dork that just likes this kind of stuff and it’s just nice to find something I’ve never seen or even heard of and have it tick all my boxes for enjoyable entertainment. It just made me smile. Lunopolis won’t be for everyone but if anything I’ve said about the movie/film interests you, then chances are you will enjoy Lunopolis as I did.

A long ago break away society, or colony on the moon. Has it been there 10 years? 100 years? 1000 or even 10,000 years. What are they doing up there? Are they up there for our benefit or is there a ticking timer silently ticking away the eons until the Earth is ripe… To find out you’ll simply have to find someplace where you can stream Lunopolis and give it a go. As of the time of this article I did a search and Lunopolis can be watched for free on TubiTV however there will be the occasional ad.

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