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We’re coming up on the one year anniversary for Zettabytes.Org and what a year it has been. From scratch startup to a legitimate website indexed by all the major search engines with several people all over the world viewing the site on a daily basis. With over 8500 views, 10’s of comments, and a broad base of subjects reported on, I don’t think it’s too bad for year 1.

Initially Zettabytes.Org was just a blog site but anyone who has visited it lately will see a full blown integrated chat sub system, a members only registration process, a forum for public discussions, an intelligently designed and intuitive menu system with the addition of ‘tags’ to widen the search options while at the same time narrowing in on desired content. Plus all features of the site are available to all users, registered or not. I continue to ban all forms of advertising on the site except for maybe the occasional Christmas post. The site doesn’t have any real ‘direction’ yet however I will keep it fresh with articles and integrate newer and standard functions and subsystems as time proliferates.

Zettabytes.Org is is a standard 3 tiered LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/P?) stack running on modern Intel hardware. Apache serves as the front end web processor, PHP is the primary language used in the application stack however a big part of that application tier is the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress so in addition to being standard, it’s also infinitely extensible while adhering to best practices. The back end database utilizes MySQL to collect and file the the growing information stores. There have been numerous upgrades to the operation at all three layers of the production stack however as Ubuntu’s standard package manager ‘apt’ was used to manage package installation any administrator happening upon the engineering details of Zettabytes.Org will quickly be able to orient themselves and pick up where past administrators have left off.

The site itself comprises several servers both in the cloud, rented rack space, and the disaster recovery environment which is kept safely locked away in it’s datacenter in the office in Portland Oregon. There are dedicated backup servers, dedicated and on-lined backup web, application, and database servers for failover in the event of an issue. Additionally a development environment plus sandboxes and administrative servers and workstations make up the complete site that is Zettabytes.Org.

So, as I foot all the costs of the site, it’s definitely a labor of love that keeps me motivated. Though the site does have a store where items are sold, an area for collecting donations throughout the year, and lots of articles which I personally write, as well a small cadre of other writers who donate articles as they have time, it’s sometimes a struggle to stay motivated and create content, even if there are only a few readers.

I am looking for donations to keep the site paid for in the coming year and will invest larger amounts into the company and site as well as track donations larger than $1000 and vest those generous funders with company ownership. Those who donate $1000 or more will automatically get vested interest in the company with annual dividends should profits allow starting calendar year 2022. Minimum donation is $5 and to be honest it would be nice to have 200 $5 donations but we’ll see what happens. Anyone who donates will get vested interest even with a $5 donation so please consider donating. If me and my site make it big, we all benefit! So if you would like to make a donation, please click here.

Bitcoin Address for Donations: 39UjFYg5MtMqUWr1NFN5PH7SHzrWFvrFd1

SHIB (Shiba Inu Coin) Address for Donation: 0xC176380acb6C1407346849369588F2534D614507

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