I started watching REC 3: Genesis while doing a bunch of other things. I think I had 44 open tabs in Chrome, 2 games running (they’re paused, duh), plus one eye on crypto futures and the final eye, well I used that one and a finger to start REC 3: Genesis. REC 3: Genesis starts us off at a wedding scene. A big spacious outdoor wedding scene. Hey look, there’s Uncle so and so the veterinarian with, what is that, a dog bite on his hand? All I was thinking was that if there was zombie epidemic right now, the logistics of filming that in this wide open space would be a nightmare. I mean the previous incarnations of REC (REC’s 1 and 2) were filmed in tight, almost claustrophobic spaces. Anyways, after a little while of outdoor wedding scenes the time moves into the early evening and the guests start making their way to the dinner and dance hall, after just viewing the most heartwarming of marriages…

Why is Uncle Veterinarian teetering on the second floor railing about to fall off? What is that weird almost infectious looking red ring around his eyes? Oh shit, he’s falling… In a few more minutes things are going to get bad, really bad. But then the screen goes completely and utterly black and a little neon blood red dot appears in the middle of the screen shining like a tiny evil signaling beacon telling us, “Hey, over here. Hell is over here”. It sit’s there all alone in the middle of the completely black screen for a few seconds and all the sudden ‘REC‘ pops into my minds eye. Then the intro for REC 3: Genesis fills in the rest of the screen.


A lot happens in that first 20 minutes of REC 3: Genesis.

As REC 3: Genesis goes on it gets better and better. There’s a part in the movie where a couple guys don full on knights armor, the armor of St. George in fact. It’s not only a little comical but it also makes you wanna stand up and give a fist pump to the air while you unabashedly yell ‘ RAWWWR.’ And that’s just one jumping out of your seat moment.

There’s another moment involving a wedding dress and determination that will make you laugh and cry all at once as it plays out. Then a really nice eggbeater scene. An elbow to the face which evokes a crying dog sound. Oh my good lol this is soooo good and soooo well made.

Clara! Koldo! Funk Girl! (hopefully you’ll recognize her)

Is REC 3: Genesis better than the original REC? It’s a completely different movie, for the most part. If I were to make a comparison between REC 3: Genesis and the original REC it would be this: REC was the best scary movie. REC 3: Genesis was the best story. They are both great movies but let’s point out the elephant in the room now. REC 2. REC 2 being sandwiched between these two great movies means it should have a lot to live up to. For REC fans, and us newly minted REC fans REC 2 in my opinion gives us some backstory to fill in some of the details from the original REC. REC 2 was also a good movie but now that I’ve seen 3 movies in this series I’m going to take a step back from the comparisons because there’s yet another installment to this franchise, REC 4: Apocalypse.

These first 3 REC’s are great movies. I mean there’s nothing groundbreaking in any of the movies. It’s just good plain movie fun and I thoroughly enjoyed all three of these movies and very much look forward to the 4th installment. So if you want to spend a day watching some exciting, heartbreaking, and all around fantastic movies, you won’t go wrong with the first 3 installments of REC.

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  1. This is a fucking terrible review. It’s not even frickin edited. this needs to be rewritten. god damn its just junk. From the first badly directed paragraph. This is atrocious. It sounded so good in my head I’m sure. Fuck, do over.

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