I can’t be the only person who has thought of this. There are many societies, academics, and even plenty of peer reviewed scientific papers written on the possibility of past life on Mars. Based on current research as well as the probes, satellites and rovers we have orbiting and exploring the Mars surface and more importantly the maps of the surface and atmospheric information the various science conglomerates have discovered about Mars’s, I feel there may be an easier and less time consuming way to possibly figure out if there was water or more importantly life in Mars’s past. Based on the state of current scientific information we have on Mars it’s almost assured that water flowed on the Mars surface at some time in the past. As such, it’s the water that’s prerequisite and might lead to the evidence that there may have been past life on Mars.

So why aren’t we looking for that past life? Sure, all the science projects that are currently ongoing are doing exactly that, with it being a prime science objective of the newest NASA Mars mission via the rover Perseverance and the newest toy in planetary exploration, the Mars helicopter Ingenuity. Even past missions had minimal facilities to look for the possibility of life on Mars and elsewhere in the solar system. However we have yet to prove life or even an abundance of water on Mars, or anywhere else for that matter and I can’t help but think there must be other options.

Why aren’t we looking for oil? Is it possible there might be above ground visual indicators of the possibility of oil? We have geological engineers on Earth that specifically look for geological indicators of oil on our planet, why aren’t we doing this on Mars? If we discovered oil on Mars I believe that would be a much better indicator of past life. And I can’t help but think that searching for oil might be a better and faster way to confirm past life. In fact it would prove it. Maybe that’s where the traces of methane we see on Mars is coming from. From deep underground under highly pressurized dense strata that only allows it to slowly leak out.

If that were the case I could see the world corporations changing their science and corporate objectives and rallying behind that cause, but more importantly, funding it.

I admit I am extremely naïve concerning the science status all of these things I am talking about but I am not naïve when it comes to money, evaluating risk, and trying to find easier ways to do things. I must really be naïve because never have I seen a single article or even heard in passing that someone is looking for oil on Mars. If we were, I believe it would be a much faster way to either complete or disregard current science objectives and missions and let Elon Musk and other Mars gamblers consider send a mining crew to Mars to look for oil. I mean it’s not known for sure but most scientists think it’s highly possible that during the past eons Mars must have had water so it’s highly possible there also may have been some sort of life, which if it disappeared for whatever reason billions of years ago leaves plenty of time for the aggregation and accumulation of oil. And if it’s not found, couldn’t that be a serious blow to current ongoing scientific investigation and possibly provide the impetus to maybe try something new?

I apologize for my absence of the technical ability to convey the thoughts from my mind to a well written article. So I guess now I can wait for the response to this and possibly be educated on my simple thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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