Do you run across this somewhat arcane and amalgamated concoction of seemingly random mostly upper-case letters every once in a while? 6EQUJ5? Maybe it was tattooed next to Uranus on the skimpily clad scamp at the boobie club, or maybe it was tattooed on the veiny bulging biceps of that strong man at Venice Beach that had you absolutely catatonic, you, you, you whatever you are lol. Maybe it was the license plate on the car in front of you or maybe it was a snippet of a radio transmission that travelled an innumerable number of light years (150 hundred or thousand or million or so) from an alien civilization bent on a) destruction b) probing c) friendship, d) Jesus.

If you chose that last one, then you’d be right, Jesus. No, and just to confirm, yes, it was a transmission from an alien civilization, Wow! In fact that string of random characters are thought (to most) to be a radio transmissions from aliens, or less likely to be the infamous Wow! Signal heard back on August 15, 1977 when it grazed the Ohio State University‘s Big Ear Telescope. No one is exactly sure what it means. Now do the world a favor and go Google it yourself…

But I did hear some crazy ass shit today. Sure did, on a video by “Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries, ‘This Time Travel Machine was Designed and Built using Ancient Egyptian Secret Knowledge‘” on of all places, YouTube, so more likely than not it’s gotta be true. It said something about someone that could teleport torpedoes, get this, teleport torpedoes INSIDE of United States submarines. I mean can you imagine? That’s gonna be a huge boon to the guys that have to onload and offload torpedoes to and from the submarine while parked safely in the mooring station of Safety Bay, Safeland. Plus imagine the safety considerations! Sounds look it might be be a totally hands off enterprise (heh) for maximum safety and prevent accidental torpedo detonation while parked at the home station! Days since last injury: NEVER. Just what will they think of next. No, I didn’t get any details on who or what or why or where. All I heard was someone say “teleported a torpedo” and that was enough for me… based on a real story told by a true eye witness, according to my sources, which I heard, just recently.

Uh yeah, not much to write about today.

Picture: Anonymous Portland, Oregon, Street Artist

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