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If you’ve read any of my past horror reviews, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of found footage films. So you might be wondering with it being the end of September 2021 how can it be that I have not seen REC yet. Because of all the great reviews that movie has received, I back-burnered it. I’ve still yet to watch ‘Get Out‘ and ‘Midsommar‘ because as with REC, when I start to watch those I don’t want to be interrupted with all the stuff that bothers me when I’m at my desk so that I may fully enjoy them.

And did I do that with REC? You betcha. My goodness REC is like that crazy ass rollercoaster ride you know is going to scare the shit out of you but the thing is, you’re/I am looking forward to it. There’s something to be said about good movies and REC is now right up there at the top of my lists and I am glad I waited to watch it. But it’s not just good, it’s GREAT, as I knew it would be. It’s definitely in the top 3 of all found footage movies I’ve ever seen and I can even say as good as all the VHS’s were, REC BLOWS them all right out of the water. When REC starts ramping up the tension, and you will get tense, it just keeps on ramping and doesn’t stop till the end. Not very many movies can do that.

If I were to take a guess at how the director came up with REC, my guess would be that he/she/they watched every single found footage movie they could find, then watched VHS, Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity and all the other iconic and great found footage picture shows, took studious notes on the best parts, and probably even read a lot of fan reviews, consolidated it all, and then went out and made an original found footage feature film that would just become one of the best ever made. Now I realize if scrutinized it’s far from original, but it sure the hell was done masterfully.

Wow, that last paragraph is a single sentence, almost, but I’m not going to even edit it and break it down to constituent components because REC is simply a great movie and I simply don’t need to make any excuses for it.

If you are a horror fan and have not seen REC, now is the time. I waited literally years to watch this and I’m glad I did because in a word, REC is AWESOME.

Last week when I was searching for REC and trying to figure out which free trial I was going to exploit to watch it, I noticed there are actually 4-5 REC films. I just don’t see how REC could be topped, but I’m definitely going to watch the rest because maybe one or two of those films will produce some backstory, because elements of the film really piqued my curiosity.

REC was written by Jaume Balaguero, Luiso Berdejo, and Paco Plaza and directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza. Released in 2007 and featuring Manuela Velasco, Ferran Terraza and Jorge-Yamam Serrano. REC is a pure horror found footage type of motion picture with an IMDb rating of 7.4, so far the highest IMDb rating I’ve ever written a review on.

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