I discovered SAS: Zombie Assault 4 while doing my regular thing of perusing Steam for horror games and I came across this little fast paced all ways scroller which not only reminds of the games I mentioned in the title, but it even hearkens back to the days of Gauntlet, though I’m sure few remember that. Anyways, first things first. I do own a PC, and am an avid PC gamer, but for games like this I have a regular X-Box knock off controller for PC which works perfectly for these types of games. In fact it makes it more fun due to the better responsiveness, to me anyways. Besides, scrollers and platformers just play better with a real joystick/gamepad in my opinion.

So you’re like this SAS Trooper, I guess. I think the SAS is like the Navy Seal or Green Berets but the British version, if I recall correctly. I’m gonna guess the 4 denotes that this is the 4th installment of this obvious tried and true classic; way to go SAS! Admittedly I’m pretty sure I missed one through three but I can’t say that for sure so that’s something! So your this fast moving sprite SAS trooper dude with an assault weapon in one hand and a machine gun in the other, and a pistol in the other other hand, a lot of baddies to kill, and a commanding officer breathing down your neck to do it yesterday. So what do you do? You play a few levels until you can replace all the free guns with guns you’ve picked up along the way in missions of mayhem and destruction. With a good shotgun and better assault rifle we’re ready to rescue the hostages and kill everything else. That fourth level was a bit of a doozey but once I figured out I had to wait by the doors for them to break open only then was I able to rescue the hostages inside, or the kill the baddies, whatever it was that was inside.

So yeah, SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is a frickin blast so far and I’ll probably play it for the next few days until I either complete it or figure out it goes on forever. Check it out if your looking for some fast paced non FPS action. This one was actually fun, and FREE! Plus there’s a co-op 4 player mode and an additional online portion of the game as well. As as it was just released (this article written 2021.09.14) there should be plenty people online checking it out. Maybe I’ll look into it as well, though I do usually just solo these things.

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