Supersonic Flight Tests

Safety is paramount as we prepare for flight tests of the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology aircraft. To ensure the X-59 pilot’s safety, life support system equipment is undergoing a series of tests that include simulating an unlikely cabin depressurization.

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

We’re looking for fresh ideas to help us explore Earth, the solar system, and beyond. Our Entrepreneurs Challenge aims to foster innovation and new technologies at lower costs while sourcing ideas from across the country. Are you up for the challenge?

Get Curious

Here at NASA, we’re inviting you to get curious with our Curious Universe podcast. This summer, we’re journeying from the Antarctic ice sheets to deep space. The new season begins with two planet hunters taking us far beyond our solar system.

New Exoplanets Discovery

Using data from our Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission, astronomers have identified four new worlds beyond our solar system that are in a ‘teenage’ phase of their life cycle, a little-understood stage of planetary evolution.

Hubble Update

Hubble Update – Last month, our Hubble Space Telescope halted operations because of an issue with the payload computer. This week, the Hubble backup payload computer was successfully brought online after a successful switch to backup hardware. Following a short checkout period, the science instruments will be brought back to operational status.

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