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The Woods

While browsing the PlutoTV listings in the on-demand section I ran into this little movie. It starts off with some dramatic music and a camera going through the woods all creepy like and then we see some cut scenes of some girl setting a tree on fire as if in flashback. Then it cuts to current or some date later and we see our first cameo (the second onwards in more than a cameo) by your hero (and mine) Bruce Campbell, his wife, and what we’re supposed to assume is the problem child. There’s a lot going on in the first 20 minutes of the movie with character development so pay attention. Though a little soft in the horror department for my usual taste, I did like the build-up to the story and The Woods has its moments. I did enjoy this movie with some original elements and some good acting. Check it out.

The Seventh Day

Have you seen Training Day (2001 Thriller) with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke? The Seventh Day plays out in the same vein as Training Day but instead of an old-school disgruntled and possibly corrupt grizzly veteran of the force Denzel, and new up-and-coming vice rookie Ethan needing to show his superior why he can do his job and why he’s ready. Our main actors in this watchable depiction of the paranormal are Guy Pearce as the weather-beaten and cynical but highly gifted Exorcist and an asset to his Lords Church while new up and comer Vadhir Derbez is the rookie exorciser just out of Exorcist Seminary being sent into the world to let it know evil is afoot and the Churches soldiers are there vigilant as ever to keep up the fight and banish the evil demons from our hapless victims and back to bottomless pits of Hell. Now if that’s not enough to already get you to check this movie out, then I’ll cut to the chase and give this one 3 out of 5 stars. Though I am unfamiliar with Vadhir Derbez’s work he pulled off a convincing character in this role and I think he will make any movie he is in better, however, he showed he can do horror which my guess is some sort of springboard for many up and coming actors. Check this one out too.a

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