It’s been a rollercoaster ride in the last month and half. I’ve seen my $20US crypto (well, technically $18.02US, minus .99US cents fees) grow to hundred dollars, simply by market growth. It’s scaled back a little over the past week and my current balance sits at $88.86US.

During the month of April the gains crested the $100US mark and quite frankly it was fun checking the balance every couple of days to see it going up 1 or 2 dollars. I think I might have felt what some of the bigger investors feel when their 100 grand turns into a million.

Anyways, I still don’t know much about the market as I’ve only been a cryptocurrency owner since late December of 2020. I basically bought $20 just to jump on the crypto train and honestly didn’t plan on doing any serious investing. As I don’t have a lot of money, I just put a little into my crypto kitty and figured during the year I would learn about crypto and maybe make some purchases on coins I feel good about. I had planned on expanding the portfolio last month however due to unforeseen issues, mainly needing to wait for my DMV appointment to replace my expired license, but I still plan on making those purchases as the coins I was interested in have seen nothing but steady growth similar to the XRP and Stellar Lumens Crypto I currently own.

So regular gains are being seen on a monthly basis, my investment we can safely say has tripled, though 4x is what I could liquidate if I cashed out today. Okay, that will do it for this report. I’ll keep a watch on it and unless there’s a major swing or CoinBase starts trading XRP again, next update in June.

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