Logged into my Coinbase account today for quick perusal and was pleasantly surprised. Last months report showed for March’s balance approximately $43.00US. I have done absolutely nothing on the Coinbase platform in the last month and when I logged in I saw that my balance was at a reassuring $61.40US. Started with $20US (-0.99US x2 for fees) and with the 2 types of coin I am holding at the moment it’s excellent returns on investment. I’ve tripled my money now here in month 4. Not bad.

I also opened an additional crypto wallet account on another trading platform because I wanted the ability to purchase DOGECOIN, which Coinbase does not offer. So after a search term and some reddit research I opened an additional crypto wallet at binance.us which does offer DOGE. However, I am holding off on verification for binance.us due to the recurring issues and messages detailing their atrocious no contact customer support and the fact that they keep changing geographical locations (twice in very recent history, from China to Malta). I know the US portion of Binance is going through some kind craziness right now and as I am in the US binance.us is my option if I want to get at some of the cheaper coins. We’re seeing these crypto markets evolve in real time and it does get a little overwhelming but this is my own growing pains learning cryptocoin.

Oh yeah, I mentioned last month that I would be investing another $50-$100 in various coin. Unfortunately this will be delayed due to crypto exchange verification issues and also by the fact that my drivers license expired last year (December) and I can’t get a replacement till April 20 due to Corona Virus since that’s the soonest date they have available for walkin appointment. Will update next report.

Ok, unless something crazy happens next CryptoCoin update in May.

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