I wrote an introductory article a month or so back on the Artemis missions which NASA currently has in full swing with the Mars 2020 Mission and the landing of the rover Perseverance on Mars. I wanted to write a follow up article on the excellent web site NASA has which goes over the Artemis missions. It’s a fully interactive site and though I have not gone through it all myself, it’s only because of the wealth of information that is available on the site.

The well made site details the Artemis missions, sub missions and technical information on the various rovers, landers, and the tools NASA will use to bring this all to fruition. There’s a 35 page PDF which goes over the Lunar Exploration Program (I have linked to this PDF in a previous article) and a set of articles and technical write ups on Exploration Ground Systems, Space Launch System (SLS), Orion, Gateway, Lunar Landers, and the Artemis generation space suits. Additionally there are details on the mission patches with some history and the lore behind how mission patches are designed. There are additional videos as well as the latest updates on the Artemis missions so you can stay fully up to date on what’s going on over at Mars.

If you have a few minutes, go to: https://nasa.gov/specials/artemis for the interactive content!

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