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An interesting movie made all the more interesting by the voiceover translation that made it seem like an old Kung-Fu movie. Took me a few minutes to get into this one but when the plot finally unfolds I found it to be a little ridiculous and really stretching the bounds of believability. If you’ve ever seen that great little movie called ‘Decoherence’ I got a lot of similar vibes from this movie even though the subject matter is completely different. Once you get over that part the drama that plays out continues to be a little ridiculous but that’s where the fun in this movie lies so we’ll go with it. I found nothing in this movie to be believable, but I did like the slant hOus3 put on things. I think the movie did try to come up with a good idea and some names from semi recent history including Assange and Snowden to intertwine the IT geek related conspiracy idea. Another movie where I think a lot may have been lost in translation. I did like the original if unbelievable idea however so I can’t give the film a negative review.

The Tag-Along

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This is a Chinese horror movie that I am looking forward to watching. I’ve watched a bunch of J-Horror and K-Horror the last few months but haven’t seen any Chinese horror. Definitely a creepy but enjoyable little story. If this was released in the USA it would carry a PG-13 rating in my opinion. There’s a lot of Western influence in this movie and it comes through great. Actually now that I think about it the memes and ideas are well presented. It was a fun watch and nice to see something different. Plus I saw there’s Part 2 of this movie as well and that will be something to watch and report on in another article.


No Spoilers

Oh this was a fun movie to watch. A couple of American girls (well we need someone to do all the things normal people don’t do so it has to be Americans) meet a hot anthropology student on a trip to, you guessed it, Tel Aviv. While on this trip to Tel Aviv the hot anthropology student let’s the girls know that where they really want to go is Jerusalem. After a couple of days taking in the international city of Christianity as a little side trip only then is it right to go and visit Tel Aviv as originally planned. The movie is laid out beautifully as far as cinematography is concerned. It’s a found footage film but the look is way too polished and plays out like a movie.

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