I wrote an article a few weeks ago about finally getting into the cryptocurrency game. You can reference that article in the Talk Talk Category for some background information. In the last few days XRP has seen HUGE gains. Upwards of 60%. It was worth around $0.28US when I purchased it on January 16th of 2020. Then a week or so after the purchase the company that owns the crypto coin, Ripple Labs, came under SEC investigation and my ability to trade XRP with Coinbase (Coinbase is a cryptocoin wallet) has been interrupted, though they still show it as an asset in the wallet and the prices are still tracked minute to minute like all other crypto coins. Coinbase still shows it as a commodity in my wallet but it is currently not actively being traded through the Coinbase platform. Though Coinbase is tracking the XRP crypto coin from Ripple Labs and is updating the price in real time. It is now sitting @ $0.37US with it hitting an unbelievable $0.74US high near 1am on January 31st, 2021. That would have been a great time for those people that do own a bunch of the stock to have sold it but it looks like that price hike was only going on about 12-14 hours before and after the high point where it is currently settled at about $0.37US.

Now I personally only trade in what is considered probably micro amounts to real traders/investors. I’m doing it more for the novelty of it all firm in the conviction that if things started turning sour I could either afford to lose what I have invested or could sell off what I had left with minimal losses. Just wanted to write this short article to point that out, probably to myself lol. If XRP was being traded at the moment I’d be buying more of it, that ‘s for sure. But who knows, maybe this will be another Bitcoin dream and my $20 crypto investment will be worth $20,000US this time next year, wouldn’t that be nice. Either way it goes it gives me something to track over the coming weeks.

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